A Grateful Moment

I have a very colorful experience. When I was in the 9th grade of junior high school, My teacher asked me and my classmates to make a product, a kind of handicraft in the group of 6 people. The deadline is 3 days to go, and my group haven't done the task. So I decided to do the group work after the school lessons end. I have told them to do the group work today.

When the bell rang, I was preparing the materials to make the product. Suddenly, all of my friends, who in the same group as mine, didn't want to do the task, they insist to go home with many excuses, some of them told me that they want to study at home. But the product must be completed within 3 days, and we cannot do it later. We had to do it today, if we want to finish the product. So I decided to do the product alone.

It was a rainy day, and I didn't have enough materials to complete the product. I decided to go to the market near my school to buy all of the materials. I ask one of my friend, Hafidz to accompan…

Dialogue: Introduction

One day in a sunny day, Qafka walked through the park while texting his friends by using his phone. He is not paying attention to his surrounding until he accidentally hit a stranger in front of him.
(Dhafin stands while enjoying the park view) (Qafka hit Dhafin very hard until he make himself and his phone fell to the ground)
Dhafin: "Ouch! Hey!" Qafka: "Oh my God!" (falls down) Dhafin: (surprised) "Oh dear! Are you okay?" (helping Qafka to stand up) Qafka: (pat his head) "Ouch... Yeah, I'm okay..." Dhafin: "Here, take a seat..." (guiding Qafka to sit on the bench near them) (Dhafin tries to calm Qafka down for a few seconds) Dhafin: "Are you alright now?" Qafka: "Uhh... Yes, I think so... but..." (grab his phone and try to turn it on) Qafka: "No! My phone is broken!" (sad) Dhafin: "Hey, relax... Take it easy. By the way, My name is Dhafin. What is your name?" Qafka: "Uhh... My name is …

It's All About Me

My name is Dhafin Iedfaza. You can call me Dhafin. I am fifteen years old. I am a Muslim. I was born in Bandung, on 22thof January 2002, but I have never lived in Bandung before because my father always works outside Bandung. I have lived in Bandung since a month ago. In Bandung, I live in Sukamulya Indah Regency 5-4. Previously, I lived in Cilegon. I also studied at SMP Negeri 2 Cilegon for 3 years. I study at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. I'm a tenth grader and my classroom is in X MIPA 9. My favorite subject in school is Mathematics and English. But I prefer Mathematics rather than English.

I like reading so much, I like to read novels, magazines, and science books. That's why I wear eyeglasses because sometimes I usually lay in bed while reading. I also enjoy swimming and listening to music. When I was a student in an elementary school, I used to travel to many places in Indonesia, such as Bangka Belitung and Lampung. I have one younger brother, his name is Gemma, He is el…